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Edgar Franco

Edgar Franco founded Franco Dance as a means to liberate the dancer inside each and every new student who is hungry to move.

Edgar's unique teaching style, which focuses equally on fun and achievement, is the culmination of his worldwide studies.

From Ecuador he brings the exuberance and free style of street dancing;
from Argentina, the passion of tango;
from Australia, the value of hard work;
from South East Asia, simplicity and patience as both teacher and student;
and from Europe, technique and discipline.

At Franco Dance all these elements are brought together, offering students the room to grow at their own pace, and offering challenges as soon as the student sprouts the wings of a dancer.

Melinda Deines Franco

Melinda Deines brings her extensive background in theatre, film and television to Franco Dance. Combining her love of dance with these other media is a passion of hers, and currently she is working on the development of plays using flamenco music and dance in the storytelling.

As a ballroom dance teacher Melinda is focused strongly on expression, confidence and personality; she is as passionate in the studio as she is on the stage.

Melinda encourages her students to imagine themselves performing, because in that private dream there is all the boldness, strength and desire that anyone needs to become a dancer.

There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.
-Vicki Baum